I believe that art, is the only practice of expression that is truly honest. It is a complete freedom of expression, which in society is a rare occurrence. Its freedom creates equal aspects of delight and disgust, which can leave an artist vulnerable to judgement. However, this to me is a part of the pleasure of creating such work, that vulnerability pushes me to make each work speak louder to hopefully make a lasting impression. I think now more than ever our culture looks to art as a way of seeing our true selves. Art is controversial, yet it is accepted, unlike other aspects of society, I think that art being controversial can create an active positive change.               

Art has always been a way for me to fully express myself, I have struggled through all aspects of my academic education, however art was a chance for me to visually show my ‘intelligence’. Photography has been a passion throughout my family and after receiving my grandfather’s analog camera, this is where my enthusiasm for photography began. I initially began only creating work digitally, as it was convenient, in college I was then introduced to the darkroom and my ability to experiment grew. I also started to use the photography studios and my passion for portraiture was realised, however there was always a limited meaning and reasoning behind the work I produced, ‘I liked it because it looks nice’. This limited thought process meant that when I began at university my work was never a personal response, it always seemed disconnected. Fashion and portraiture is where I began, but now I believe that my work has grown beyond these genres, trying to define it and place it in a set of parameters is wrong. To me my work is a response in that specific moment, so what I produce can change dramatically. I have broken down my way of thinking removing this idea of the‘perfect’ image and my over controlling nature towards my work.

I now use digital alongside analog, using both techniques as a way of experimenting. My ability to chemically change a photograph has become a new fascination. To break down the surface of the negative, distorting the initial image and using different surfaces to go beyond the photographic frame. My main focus is nature and the human form, natural beauty distorted/ attacked. My photography is not necessarily created to resolve issues but is made as a responce to a realisation, the true beauty of the body and nature in its most natural form. My interest for textiles have become an integral part of my visuals, directly stitching onto an image or using fabric as a surface. I believe that the photograph can be taken past the two dimensional and become a sculptural form. 




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